Aquatic Therapy

At Body in Balance's Fairfield location, we take pride in the fact that we have the only onsite Swimex 1000T multi-current pool in California. This is the pool that professional athletes use to recover faster from their injuries. Aquatic therapy with an experienced therapist is beneficial and often speeds recovery from a variety of injuries, including back and lower extremity issues and post-op procedures. You will be amazed at the benefits of the water when trained correctly and consistently by our therapists.

Our goal is to have you recover physically and mentally from your injuries as quickly as possible. With a soothing friendly atmosphere, you will feel both rejuvenated and relaxed while in the water. In addition, you will feel the challenge and see your condition improve, when working against the current.

Once you have reached your goals in our Aquatic Therapy and are confident with your exercise regimen, you can continue on your own in our Independent Pool Program. We want you to continue gaining strength and improving your condition or just maintain being active, as part of your lifestyle.

Who else can benefit?

Patients with:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalagia
  • Balance and Gait Disorders
  • Risk of Falling
  • Diabetes and Compromised Circulation
  • Poor Overall Condition and Low Endurance

Why Aquatic Physical Therapy?

Aquatic physical therapy in our Swimex T1000 helps:
  • Decreased pain and guarding in warm water environment and promote relaxation/healing.
  • Decreased swelling and increased venous return/circulation from hydrostatic pressure of water environment.
  • Initiate therapy earlier post injury or as soon as 3 days post op. Function and mobility level is higher when progressing to land therapy.
  • Gravity controlled environment allowing 0-90% WB post op LE injury progression allowing earlier initiation of therapy.
  • Balance work, stability and strengthening against challenging variable resistant current.
  • UE ROM assisted with buoyancy and can progress to very high-level full ROM strengthening activities.
  • Early on cardiovascular conditioning motivates patients and promotes healing.
  • Arthritic joints benefit from decreased joint compression and warm water environment during exercise.
  • Multiple stabilization and high level progressive resistive exercises beneficial to all levels and types of injuries.
  • Simulate work activities safely without stress and compression.
At Body in Balance Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of advancing patients as quickly as possible to their prior level of function and back to work. We feel the combination of aquatic physical therapy and on-land therapy is the ultimate way to rehabilitate.

Questions commonly asked about our aquatic therapy

Click the questions below for the answers.
Am I in the pool alone?
No, you will always be accompanied by one of our therapists. They will be teaching you what and specifically how to do things. You may also have up to 2 other patients in the pool at the same time once you are more familiar with your exercises.
How will I get in and out of the pool?
We have a hydraulic lift that you sit on and it simply brings you up and down into the water without any effort from you.
What is the pool temperature?
91-92 degrees Fahrenheit.
How long is each session?
Each session is 60 minutes but if initially your endurance is low than we will gradually build up to 60 minutes.
What types of chemicals are in the pool?
We have a digitally automated chlorine system that keeps the pool in perfect chemical balance. Because of this system, large doses of chlorine are not dumped into the pool, eliminating the spiking levels of chlorine that other public pools experience. Consequently, the chlorine odor is minimal.
What should I wear or bring?
You should wear a swimming suit or something comparable that you are comfortable in (i.e., shorts/t-shirt). Please bring a towel and any personal items you may need to change into.
Is there a locker room?
No but we have changing rooms and shower/bathrooms that are available for your use.
What if I can't swim and am afraid of the water?
The pool is 4 feet deep and a therapist will be with you at all times. There are places to hold on to and the therapist will only work with you suspended in the deep water as you feel comfortable and confident. Most patients who have come in afraid are comfortable and confident in just a few visits.
Why is it easier to do things in the water?
Buoyancy factor alleviates gravity and the extra strain that gravity puts on joints and muscles.
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