Golf Therapy

We offer:

  • Golf Posture/Swing Evaluations
  • Performance Enhancement Packages

As experts in bio-mechanics and how the body is designed to work, we know that poor posture will lead to pain and physical problems while golfing. Along with this, your performance will be inconsistent and not reach its highest potential. A experienced physical therapist can help you improve and enhance your body mechanics and golf swing. This is why all the top golf pros have physical therapists not just instructors.

We are using similar training routines currently implemented by many professional golfers.

By analyzing your posture and swing habits, we can help you become aware of physical limitations that are restricting your golf swing. Whether it is tight muscles, lack of mobility in your spine, asymmetry, or weakness in the muscles that stabilize and power your swing, we address these issue with simple specific exercises and manual therapy so you can enhance your golf performance while keeping a healthy and balanced body.

We hope that you are excited to regain a healthy, youthful and less restrictive swing, which will enable you to play the game you love so much, for the rest of your life.

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